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Module 3 – March 22nd - April 16th


Module 3: Overarching Topic: People, Organizations, and Advocating for the School Library Program



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In Module 3, you will:

  1. Consider the roles of various stakeholders in the success of the school library program.

  2. Develop ways to activate advocacy among library stakeholders.

  3. Consider the role state, regional, and national associations play in the health of your school library program.

  4. Develop ideas for marketing and advocating for your library and the profession.


Module 3.1: Dates: March 22nd - March 26th


Topic: Pivotal People: Principal and Classroom Teachers


Focusing Question: How do we meet the needs of principals and classroom teachers through the school library program?



Module 3.2: Dates: March 29th - April 2nd


Topic: More People - Library Staff, Student Assistants, Volunteers, Student Users, and Community Users


Focusing Question: How do we involve these stakeholders in the success of the school library program?



Module 3.3: Dates: April 5th - April 9th


Topic: State, Regional, and National Organizations


Focusing Question: Why should librarians be active in the profession?



Module 3.4: Dates: April 12th - April 16th


Topic: Marketing and Advocating for the Profession


Focusing Question: Why should we take marketing and advocacy to the district, state, and national levels?

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