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Template: Marketing-Advocacy – Pioneer School Librarian


You will copy and paste the template below onto your wikispaces wiki. You will use the discussion feature to facilitate this work.


Marketing-Advocacy Project Assignment – A.4.2a


As you create your “Pioneer School Librarian Character,” use the template below to guide your work. You will provide background about the librarian and position her/his work and that of the school library program in the learning community. Besides background, goals and objectives and educational philosophy, you will compose an elevator speech and marketing-advocacy tool.


As you work on this project, please consider the five roles outlined in Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs (16-18).



1.    Name.

2.    Age.

3.    Ethnicity.

4.    Degrees.

5.    Years in education.

6.    Classroom teaching or specialist background.

7.    Years in school librarianship.

8.    Special talents, hobbies, and interests.



1.    Put a “face” on your character.

2.    Communicate personality, professionalism, and expertise through physical appearance.

3.    Integrate the avatar/image into the elevator speech.


Goals and Objectives of the Library Program:

1.    Slogan @your library®.

2.    Impact of program on learning and teaching.

3.    Impact of the school librarian on learning and teaching.

4.    Impact of library collection on learning and teaching.


Educational Philosophy that reflects the five roles for school librarians:

1.    Leader.

2.    Instructional Partner.

3.    Information Specialist.

4.    Teacher

5.    Program Administrator.


Elevator Speech

1.    Use a Web 2.0 Tool to communicate it.

2.    May integrate slogan @your library®.

3.    Hone in on more or more overlapping roles and responsibilities of the school librarian and the school library program.

4.    Include both the text and Web 2.0 versions. (See the sample.)


Marketing and Advocacy Tool – Provides specific examples of the library program goals and objectives for a specific audience

1.    Select an audience.

2.    Select a tool.

3.    Incorporate the slogan @your library®.

4.    Impact of program on learning and teaching.

5.    Impact of library collection on learning and teaching.

6.    Impact of the school librarian on learning and teaching.


High School Librarian Example


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