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Module 2 – February 15th - March 12th


Module 2: Overarching Topic: Teaching and Learning through the School Library Program


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In Module 2, you will:

  1. Begin to develop ideas about how to achieve successful classroom-library collaboration.

  2. Conduct an initial investigation into inquiry and research processes used in school libraries today.

  3. Make connections between the school's reading program and teaching and learning through the school library program.

  4. Begin to explore the idea of evidence-based practice.


Module 2.1: Dates: February 15th - February 19th


Topic: Innovations and Trends: Scheduling and Collaboration for Instruction, including Technology and Web-based Information and Productivity Tools


Focusing Question: Is there an "average" day in a school library?



Module 2.2: Dates: February 22nd - February 26th


Topic: Innovations and Trends, Part 2


Focusing Question: What are some of the inquiry and research process models used in school libraries today?



Module 2.3: Dates: March 1st - March 5th


Topic: Innovations and Trends, Part 3


Focusing Question: What is the school librarian's role in teaching reading comprehension through the school library media program?



Module 2.4: Dates: March 8th - March 12th


Topic: Evidence-based Practice


Focusing Question: How do we measure the impact of our coteaching on student achievement?


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