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Created at Wordle.net 

Module 1.2: Dates: 1/25 - 1/29


Topic: Educational Philosophy and Objectives of School Library Programs


Focusing Question: What is the impact of our educational philosophy on the objectives of the school library program?


Readings Codes


  1. Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs – EL
  2. Standards for the 21st Century Learner – S4L
  3. Standards for the 21st-Century Learner in Action SIA
  4. The Whole School Library Handbook - WSLH
  5. TWU Library Databases - TWU
  6. Blackboard Class Wiki (Course Menu Tab) - BBW
  7. Resources: R (in BB Module) - D (Download)


Readings and Viewings 


WSLH: pp. 71-74, 185-187 


On the Web: Educational Philosophy Sample on the sample student wiki.


On the Web: School Libraries Work! (2008) (pdf file)


On the Web: AASL Position Statements


TWU: Fontichiaro, K., Moreillon, J., & Abilock, D. (2009, November/December). The School Librarian’s Bill of Responsibilities. Knowledge Quest, 38(2), 63. Retrieved January 12, 2010, from Library Lit & Inf Full Text database.


D.1.2: Sample Annual Report (.pdf)


On the Web: Review BEFORE adding images to your individual wiki, you must view:


Copyright Clearance Center's Copyright Basics: The Video (7 minutes)


 CCUMC Fair Use Guidelines for Multimedia Educational Projects (Remember: When you post to the Web, you are engaging in distribution. Use only copyright-free or original images.)




Online Discussion: O.D.1.2: Topic: Discuss and Cite Readings for Module 1.1. (Use MLA format; see syllabus for information.)


Online Discussion: O.D.2a: Topic: Seeking Collaborator for the Administrative Manual Project (on-going through the semester).

Use the LS5333 Sample Student Wiki as a guide for organizing your wiki pages. Begin by creating a homepage and an Administrative Manual page. 


D.1.2: Take the "Leading by Example: Modeling Respect for Intellectual Property" Self-Check Quiz (PPT).


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